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Lessons Learned App

The Story Behind the Lessons Learned App.

An incident that occurred when I was on a rig:

A floor hand got injured after a surface cement job. Clean, clear water was used to flush a cellar where the cement had been. Some water got into the boots of the floor hand, and instead of changing his socks and boots, he kept them on for the remainder of the day (~7 hours). 

After the work day, he had red feet that were mildly irritated, but chose not to seek any medical treatment. 

The next morning, he woke up to second degree burns on his feet. A truly terrible, and unfortunate workplace incident. However, the worst part about all of this, was that a similar event occurred five years prior at the same company. No one on my site knew about it. To me this signified a severe lack of the right tools. We had to come up with a better system. All of the lessons learned software available was for people in the office, and only being used on desktops. Nothing being designed for the people in the field, this had to change, and it still needs to change.

Oilfield lessons is attempting to design software for the field hand, get the data into the hands of the men that do the work to keep them safe, and allow them to thrive at work.

- Dillon

Why Lessons Aren't Learned

And how we're solving it with 5 steps.
Why Lessons Aren't Learned



Collecting Data. No one likes to admit failure or admit to making a mistake, and this can deter people from submitting good lessons.

  • Take the barriers away that prevent people from submitting incidents. 

  • The two best ways we've found is the small task of creating a non-punitive culture. (Kidding it's a bit of work).

  • The other way is making submission of incidents anonymous.



All Lessons Are Not Created Equal. In most databases all lessons are weighted evenly, leaving the user with many irrelevant lessons.

  • We rank our lessons, and allow you to do the same. 

  • Quit filling your database with lessons where nothing can be learned or prevented.

  • Quality over Quantity.



Get Specific. Many lessons use non-actionable steps, and don't make for a good plan forward.

  • Do not use the words "Be safer", that helps no one.

  • Get Specific on what needs to happen to prevent the event. If you cannot. Get it out of there.

  • Think about what actions to take.



Avoid the Black Hole. It can be daunting to look for the specific lessons that apply to you.

  • Have a good filter system. Our system filters down by #tags. You can continue searching through #tags to find exactly what you're looking for.

  • Link to each lesson. When creating procedures you can link to each lesson and save it for later.

  • Put it in the hands of everyone, not just people in the office. Get our app and share lessons.



Truly Retain. Constantly review all of the lessons.

  • People need reminders more than being taught.

  • Gamify this process. It doesn't have to be a dread. 

  • Daily lessons, and daily activities.

  • Reward the daily user.

Below is the link to the study which helped us think about our process!​

Missions & Values

Reduce Injuries. Save Money. Equip teams.

We operate using these principles that have been proven to provide success in life and in business. 


  • Deep Integrity - Doing the right thing even when no one else will know.

  • Create the future - Don't sit idly by waiting to safely arrive at death, accept the risk and get in the game.

  • Protect individual creativity and freedom - allow people to make mistakes, and have fun at work.

  • Action and Innovation - Constantly growing, improving and experimenting.

  • Excellent results -  High performance. Not working for ourselves, but for the good of our fellow man.

  • Honesty and Open-mindedness -  Telling each other the truth, even when it hurts; Then being willing to accept that criticism. 

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