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Make Lessons Learned not terrible

Always Free 

For the individual or small team trying out Lessons Learned for an unlimited Time

$0 USD / mo
  • Safety lessons and what you should know to protect your job should never cost you a penny. Learn and prevent accidents and mistakes at no charge.


For businesses looking to customize the lessons learned experience on our current app.

$1,000+ USD / mo*
  • Get access to all the free incidents, plus have your own customization for safety and one other category (drilling, completions, production, etc).

  • Have your own company metrics (ex: lessons read per user), as well as accountability to who is reading what incidents.

  • Have your own notifications to your personnel anytime you create an incident. These incidents have the option of being seen only by others in the company. 

  • Get monthly reports to how your users are using the application.


For businesses who need complete custom lessons learned solutions.

$10,000+ USD / mo*
  • Get nearly unlimited customization for your application. This largely depends on how customized the solution is and how many users. 

  • Give us the metrics you want to track and we'll do our best to make it happen.

  • This is a custom application and has no data attached to the original Lessons Learned app. 

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