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Why Lessons Aren't Learned.

And how we're solving it with 5 steps.


Collecting Data. No one likes to admit failure or making a mistake, and this can deter people from submitting good lessons.

  • Take the barriers away that prevent people from submitting incidents. 

  • The two best ways we've found is the small task of creating a non-punitive culture. (Kidding it's a bit of work).

  • The other way is making submission of incidents anonymous.


All Lessons Are Not Created Equal. In most databases all lessons are weighted evenly, leaving the user with many irrelevant lessons.

  • We rank our lessons, and allow you to do the same. 

  • Quit filling your database with lessons where nothing can be learned or prevented.

  • Quality over Quantity.


Get Specific. Many lessons use non-actionable steps, and don't make for a good plan forward.

  • Do not use the words "Be safer", that helps no one.

  • Get Specific on what needs to happen to prevent the event. If you cannot. Get it out of there.

  • Think about what actions to take.


Avoid the Black Hole. It can be daunting to look for the specific lessons that apply to you.

  • Have a good filter system. Our system filters down by #tags. You can continue searching through #tags to find exactly what you're looking for.

  • Link to each lesson. When creating procedures you can link to each lesson and save it for later.

  • Put it in the hands of everyone, not just people in the office. Get it our app and share lessons.


Truly Retain. Constantly review all of the lessons.

  • People need reminders more than being taught.

  • Gamify this process. It doesn't have to be a dread. 

  • Daily lessons, and daily activities.

  • Reward the daily user.

Below is the link to the study which helped us think about our process!​

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