Lessons Learned from Oilfield Incidents

People don't review safety incidents and operational mistakes like they should.

That's why we built a place where the Oil and Gas community can easily share and learn about mistakes from around the world.

Download the app, get one free lesson per day!

If you're a business, let's talk about building one for your company and lowering your insurance premiums.
Lessons Learned App
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How Oilfield Lessons Works:

3 Awesome Choices.

We're designing software to get the data into the hands of the people that do the work to keep them safe, and allow them to thrive at work.

Completely Customized Lessons App for Your Company

Share lessons in your company, ensure they're being read, all internally, completely custom.

Join the Public Oilfield Lessons App.
Free App, Pay for backend analytics

Free upgrades as we improve the app.


Can set up weekly, or monthly analytics to see who in your company is reviewing incidents.


You get to vote on next upgrades.

Sponsor the Oilfield
Lessons App

We put your name on the front of the app, you feel fantastic for supporting the community and honored for doing so! 


And we give you a ribbon.


Our Story begins with a man that was injured, the worst part was that the exact same incident happened 5 years prior at the same company. No one on location knew it could happen.

What can we do?

For companies:

1. Give the lowest ranking member the confidence to submit incidents and near misses without fear of retribution.

2. Encourage your people to review incidents, and track that they do through back-end analytics. 

For companies and individuals:

Share your incidents - publicly. Then review just one incident per day.




Our Lessons Learned App equips teams and individuals with information so they can learn from past incidents, to better protect themselves from injury and job loss. 

Explore the

Lessons Learned App

Access every incident, anywhere.
Lessons Learned App
Lessons Learned from Oilfield Incidents

Why Should I Use The Lessons Learned App?

  • ​If you do not learn from the past, history will repeat itself. 

  • Protect your team.

  • Reduce incidents.

  • Save money.

  • Change behavior to be safer.

  • Works offline - access it anywhere.

Who Can Benefit From The Lessons Learned App?

  • The leader who wants his team to be safer.

  • The worker who is tired of seeing repeat mistakes. 

  • The field hand who has seen his friends hurt.

  • The executive who wants his company to be more profitable.

  • The manager who wants to equip his team better.

Lessons Learned App

Outrageous Guarantee

For Companies

We guarantee for a custom app, your users will learn from it, share incidents easily, it will run smoothly, be user friendly, and we will work on it until you are 100% satisfied. 

If joining our public app we guarantee to continue to provide upgrades, give you strong analytics, give you a vote on the next features.

For Individuals

We guarantee to keep improving our Oilfield Lessons Learned app, making it better for you (the user) so you can protect your life and job. If you don't think it's the best app to learn from, we'll write you a poem, and refund your $0 (in dogecoin).    

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Lessons Learned App
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